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If you are looking for a way to KILL Coronavirus, all viruses, bacteria, staph, mildew, ringworm, legionnaires that cause these odors, we have a variety of small and very large scale generators to do this. Our Ozone and Hydroxyl Generators are the best at disinfecting and deodorizing larger areas or athletic facilities and all types of sports or other equipment and uniforms.

Our rugged Ozone generators will kill airborne and surface area Coronavirus and other pathogens. We also have generators to deodorize and disinfect locker rooms, warehouses, field houses, firefighting equipment, training rooms, equipment rooms, athletic showers, and whirlpool areas. Please call us at 770.317.5210  

Ozone Generators Can be put on a simple timer to turn on and off so you can reach the needed parts per million levels to Kill Viruses. Through positive pressurization, the ozone is forced into every crack and crevice inside a facility or area. This means that everything inside an area will be disinfected by Ozone.