Do you want to rent the most powerful and attractive patio heater for your event in the Atlanta or North Georgia area? Atlanta Cool Zone has the most Powerful 47,000 BTU and Attractive Patio Propane Heaters with proprietary technology These heaters have 7000 more BTU's than our competitors and our 38-inch reflective domes are 8 inches wider than anyone else's. So out heaters outperform every patio heater in the USA with a warmer and wider heat pattern. Call us at 770-317-5210 so you can keep warm at your outdoor event. We have up to twenty 47,000 BTU heaters available and soon some 47,000 BTU shorter models for under low-ceiling heights and consumer height pop-up tents.

Rent a Patio Heater in Atlanta Georgoa 47000 BTU's

For Semi Enclosed Patios or Tents.  We have Mr. Heater forced air heaters with:

30,000-60,000 BTU's (1,500 sq. ft) Up to 14 hrs on 20lb tank (low setting)

and 75,000 - 125,000 BTU's for 3,125 sq. ft. - Up to 11 hrs on 40lb tank (low setting)

The area heated depends on the outside air temperature, wind and enclosure

VIDEO of Mr. Heater HERO