This Cassino Wall Mount misting fans cool up to 800 sq. ft. outdoor area circulating at 1,625 Cubic feet per minute.

This Commercial Fortaleza 777 Wall Mount misting fans cools up to 3000 sq. ft. outdoor area circulating at an impressive 11,000 Cubic feet per minute.

This Copacabana 660 Wall Mount misting fans cool up to 1500 sq. ft. outdoor area circulating at an impressive 5,855 Cubic feet per minute.

Cassino Reservoir System

21 Gallon Tank

10 Hours of Cooling

84 Inches Tall

Copacabana Reservoir System

21 Gallon Tank

10 Hours of Cooling

89 Inches Tall

Joape letters on tall Reservoir are easily removable

The EjoJet Bob Misting Fan can be placed on a tabletop or counter. This fan cools up to 400 square feet, indoors or outdoors, and blows 500 CFM of chilled, refreshing air into your space.

2 Gallon Reservoir for 2-4 Hours of Cooling 

Mobile Air Cooling  is your Source nationwide for EcoJet Evaporative Air Coolers. Like a spring rain, the EcoJet cleans the air. The constantly circulating water mist of the EcoJet rehydrates the air and purifies it. The evaporating water reduces ambient temperature. This process also produces negative ions, associated with mood improvement. The water molecules tend to bond with mold, mildew and pollen, literally taking them down to the ground. The result is cleaner, cooler, more refreshing air. By helping to clean the air, the EcoJet also reduces the cost of HVAC maintenance. We will evaluate your specific neds and recommend the air cooler which will keep your space cool.

The US patent-protected Centrifugal Force Baffle-Mechanism (CFBM)* that reduces water to a size 1/500 the head of a pin (4-8 microns). The centrifugal plate, with the blowback injector, throws the water onto the centrifugal plate, which spins so fast that it sends the water into the patented baffle system, at 45 MPH!

The water is broken down into a fine-mist, and then this water vapor is pushed into the jet-stream of the 1,700RPM fan blades behind the CFBM. That’s the secret. No high pressure pumps or lines are required and no special electrical wiring is needed. The mist is so fine that it will not wet your hair or glasses. No puddles, no leaks, no dripping on the floor.


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